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Collection of premium metal detecting accessories for enthusiasts

Metal Detector Accessories: Enhance Your Treasure Hunting Experience

Metal detecting is a rewarding hobby, and with the right accessories, it becomes even more fruitful and enjoyable. In our meticulously curated collection, we offer an expansive range of essential Metal Detecting Accessories tailored to elevate your treasure hunting expeditions.

From the foundational coil covers that protect your device's primary sensor to top-notch headphones ensuring clear audio signals, our selection promises quality and durability. Venture into places without worrying about tangled wires, thanks to our state-of-the-art wireless headphone transmitters that offer seamless connectivity.

Fashion meets function in our range of apparel. Dress the part as you embark on your metal detecting journey, ensuring comfort while representing your passion. Our electronics covers provide an extra layer of protection against dirt, moisture, and the unforeseen challenges of outdoor adventures. Moreover, the essential batteries and battery covers ensure that your metal detectors run efficiently without any interruptions.

The backbone of any good detector, our variety of metal detector stems, are designed to give you the sturdiness and support you need as you scan terrains, be it beaches or rugged landscapes.

Discover more in our comprehensive section. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, our range of accessories guarantees a better, more enhanced metal detecting experience. Optimize your hunts, ensure the longevity of your equipment, and delve deeper into the world of treasure hunting with our unparalleled selection.

Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: Bolt, nut and 2 rubber washers
Essential Repair Kit for Golden Mask Metal DetectorsAre you looking to ensure your Golden Mask metal detector operates at its peak performance? Look no further! Our essential repair kit, containing a bolt, a nut, and two rubber washers, is specifically designed for seamless compatibility with all Go..
Brand: DETECH Model: detech-cover-ultimate-13
Detech Ultimate DD Search Coil ProtectorMaximize the lifespan of your Detech 9" or 13" Ultimate DD search coil with our premium coil protector. Designed specifically to safeguard your device, this accessory ensures your search coil remains in prime condition.Premium MaterialCrafted from strong, long..
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: GM_Cover
High-quality synthetic leather protector control box unit of Golden Mask metal detectors. Made of  synthetic leather and transparent vinyl...
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: Middle Stem Carbon
100% Carbon Middle Stem for Golden Mask Handle - Your Perfect Metal Detecting Companion!When it comes to metal detecting, every part of your equipment counts. The Golden Mask Middle Stem made from 100% carbon, offers you the robustness and lightweight feature you require for an optimal metal detecti..
Brand: Max-Fuchs Model: Folding shovel
German Military Folding Shovel - 60cm: Combining functionality and convenience, this German military shovel is an ideal tool for outdoor enthusiasts and camping aficionados. Unique to the blade is its serrated edge on one side, useful in diverse terrains. The shovel boasts a reliable spring lock for..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: 3d adapter xp
3D Printed Holder for XP Deus / ORX Remote Control - Precision and Protection in One DesignElevate your metal detecting experience with our 3D printed holder/clip/adapter, exclusively designed for the XP Deus / ORX remote control. Made with meticulous precision, this holder ensures your remote contr..
Brand: MINELAB Model: battery cable GPX
Maximize Your Treasure Hunting with the Minelab GPX Metal Detector Spare Battery CableFor metal detecting enthusiasts, the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures is an adventure like no other. The Minelab GPX series, including the GPX 4000, 4500, 4800, and 5000 models, are top-tier choices for those ..
Brand: MINELAB Model: Li Ion Battery
Minelab Lithium Ion Battery for GPX 4500 & 5000 Metal Detectors - Long-Lasting, Signal-Boosting, and RechargeableProduct Specifications:Battery Type: Lithium IonNumber of Batteries: 1 (required)Brand: MINELABVoltage: 7.4 VoltsUnit Count: 1 CountCompatibility: Specifically designed for the Minela..
Model: Book
Book "Thracian Roads in the Maritsa Lowlands and the Rhodopes during Antiquity"  (In Bulgarian Language)Read, Remember, Apply! Follow the Law!The book "Thracian Roads in the Maritsa Lowlands and the Rhodopes during Antiquity" offers a unique insight into the ancient roads and archaeological fin..
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: telescope
Carbon Telescopic Stems for Enhanced Metal DetectingDiscover our range of telescopic carbon stems/shaft crafted specifically for a variety of metal detectors. With the inherent strength of carbon, these stems are not only durable but are also perfectly designed for the treasure hunter who doesn't co..
Brand: DETECH Model: 18 inch discriminating search coil
Unlock the full potential of treasure hunting with the Detech 18" (45.72 cm) Discriminating Search Coil, specifically designed for the SSP 5100 Metal Detector. This robust search coil is engineered to enhance your metal detecting experience by providing precise pinpointing capabilities for frame-det..
Brand: DETECH Model: 12x10_cover_detech
Coil Cover for Detech SEF 12x10 inch coil - Enhance Your Metal Detecting Experience!Discover enhanced protection and prolonged coil life with the Coil Cover for Detech SEF 12x10 inch coil. Expertly designed to offer supreme protection, this accessory is a must-have for every dedicated treasure hunte..
Brand: Max-Fuchs Model: Field spade
German Field Spade: Merging practicality with precision, this German field spade is a must-have for outdoor activities and expeditions. Distinctive for its blade, it features a grinded edge on one side and a step, making it versatile for various tasks. For ease of transport, it is accompanied by a d..
Brand: KARMA Model: Karma Ultimate Pro Package
Karma Ultimate Pro PackageProfessional gold washing kit. Made of high quality materials. Innovative design for maximum efficiency. Lightweight and with a comfortable 360 ​​degree grip. A kit that is effective for washing gold on dry and in water. The set includes: - Karma Gravity Gold P..
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: All Golden Mask models
Synthetic leather Golden Mask Batteries cover for metal detectorBatteries cover for Golden Mask metal detectors. Suitable for all models. Made by Golden Mask..
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: Golden Mask search coil covers
Golden Mask Coil cover Coil cover for Golden Mask models: please choose the model!..
Golden Mask Metal detector handle Golden Mask Metal detector handle
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Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: GM_shaft_al
Unleash the full potential of your treasure hunting experience with the Golden Mask complete shaft. Expertly crafted for the modern-day explorer, this premium accessory elevates the functionality and performance of your metal detector to unprecedented heights.The upper handle is meticulously crafted..
Golden Mask wireless headphones mod. WS 106
Sold out
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: WS106
Discover the innovation in detection equipment with the new Golden Mask wireless headphones mod. WS 106. These headphones are an upgrade from the previous model, offering enhanced features for professional and amateur treasure hunters.Experience improved noise cancellation, designed to enhance your ..
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: gm_lowerShaft_carbon
**Lower Carbon Stem for Golden Mask S-shaft**: The Confluence of Precision & Durability Discover the lower stem designed specifically for the **Golden Mask S-shaft**. Made with meticulous attention to detail, this stem is crafted from 100% pure carbon, ensuring both lightness and strength in ..
Headphones Thracian Wireless Solution
Out Of Stock
Brand: THRACIAN Model: Thracian Wireless Solution
2.4G Безжични Слушалки THRACIAN с Външен Предавател - Професионално Аудио Качество на Всяка Стъпка!Запознайте се с 2.4G Безжични Слушалки THRACIAN - вашите идеални спътници във всеки търсач на съкровища. С тях вашият аудио опит достига нови висини благодарение на качествения звук, надеждните батерии..
Brand: MINELAB Model: UR30
KOSS UR-30 Headphones for Minelab SD, GP, GPXThe KOSS UR-30 headphones, custom-designed for Minelab's metal detector series SD, GP, and GPX, deliver an unmatched audio experience for every treasure hunting enthusiast. Featuring a closed ear cushion design, these headphones create a seal around the e..
Brand: MINELAB Model: 10 pan
10-Inch Single Riffle Pan for Gold ProspectingThe 10-inch Single Riffle Pan is a versatile and essential tool for anyone interested in gold prospecting. This pan features large 90° riffles and a flat sidewall, making it an excellent choice for various prospecting needs.Ideal for Beginners and Childr..
Brand: MINELAB Model: 15 pan
15-Inch Dual Riffle Pan: The Gold Nugget Panning Standard by MinelabThe 15-inch Dual Riffle Pan is the ultimate tool for gold prospectors seeking efficiency and versatility in their panning endeavors. Designed and crafted by Minelab, a trusted name in gold prospecting equipment, this pan sets the st..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: bolt&nut Equinox
Minelab Equinox Series: Quality Replacement PartsWhen it comes to the Minelab Equinox 600 or 800, having durable and reliable components is crucial. Over time, these parts might wear out or get misplaced, which is where our product comes into play.Spare or Replacement Bolt and NutAre you looking for..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: eqx-11
Minelab Equinox 600 or 800 11" Coil Stiffener + Bolt and Nut: Strengthen Your Coil MountOur unique 3D Coil Stiffener with a bolt and nut kit is specially designed and produced by us to enhance your Minelab Equinox 600 or 800. This coil stiffener is the solution to preventing coil lug breakage by rei..
Brand: MINELAB Model: armrest equinox
Minelab Equinox ArmRest Kit: Upgrade and Comfort for Your Metal DetectorOur Minelab Equinox ArmRest Kit is the perfect accessory to enhance the comfort and functionality of your metal detector. Compatible with both the Equinox 600 and Equinox 800 models, this kit includes everything you need for a m..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: equinox
Premium Synthetic Leather Protection for Minelab EquinoxPreserve the pristine condition of your Minelab Equinox 600 or 800 with our high-quality synthetic leather cover. Designed meticulously for avid metal detecting enthusiasts, it not only enhances the look but also extends the lifespan of your e..
Brand: MINELAB Model: ml85
Discover Treasures with Minelab ML 85 Wireless Headphones - Compatible with X-Terra Pro, Equinox 700 & 900Description: Introducing the Minelab ML 85 wireless headphones - your secret weapon in treasure hunting, optimized for full compatibility with the latest Minelab models: X-Terra Pro, Equino..
Brand: MINELAB Model: ML80
ML 80 Wireless HeadphonesThe ML 80 wireless headphones with Bluetooth® aptX™ Low Latency can be connected to EQUINOX for fast, clear wireless audio and greater freedom of operation.Connecting the Headphones with Equinox 600 and 800 ModelsPairing the ML 80 headphones is required only upon first use. ..
Brand: MINELAB Model: pro-gold
The PRO-GOLD kit features two premium quality pans and a versatile classifier. They’re constructed from durable lightweight polypropylene, are UV-resistant and float in water. 1.15-inch Dual Riffle PanThe 15-inch pan features three separate panning zones. A versatile combination of 90° riffles, mini..
Brand: MINELAB Model: RPG
MINELAB RPG Headphones - Optimize Your Metal Detecting ExperienceDiscover the ultimate accessory for your metal detecting adventures with the MINELAB RPG Headphones. Designed specifically for metal detector enthusiasts, these headphones offer superior comfort and audio precision, ensuring you never ..
Minelab Vanquish Camo Cover Minelab Vanquish Camo Cover
Out Of Stock
Brand: THRACIAN Model: camo vanquish
Minelab Vanquish Camo Cover for models 340,440 or 540Made from high quality rainproof camo fabric. Protects from scratches and rain. ..
Brand: Max-Fuchs Model: mini scoop
Mini Shovel for Metal Detecting: Your Essential Digging CompanionFor enthusiasts of metal detecting, having the right tools is crucial. Introducing our compact mini shovel, the perfect ally for those exciting treasure hunting adventures.Unmatched Durability & Design: Crafted with precision, our..
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: GM car charger
Mobile Li-Ion Charger for Golden Mask Metal DetectorsDiscover the essential mobile Li-Ion charger for all Golden Mask metal detectors. Designed meticulously to complement your metal detecting gear, this charger is the perfect match for any model of the Golden Mask series operating with Li-Ion batter..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: cover Simplex +
Premium Cover for Nokta Simplex+Elevate the protection of your Nokta Simplex+ with our luxury synthetic leather cover. Specially crafted for the dedicated metal detecting community, it doesn't just elevate aesthetics, but also enhances the durability of your equipment.Crystal Clear FrontDesigned wit..
Pinpointer Gold Hunter
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Brand: THRACIAN Model: Gold Hunter
Gold Hunterprofessional pinpointerStop digging big holes. Find your located target easy. Very stable operation, easy to use, microprocessor controlled device.3 operating modes: alarm, vibrating & alarm with vibratingKey Features:- Proportional audible and vibrating alarms increase in intens..
Pinpointer Gp-pointer Pinpointer Gp-pointer
Out Of Stock
Brand: SHRXY Model: gp-pointer
High quality GP Pointer is an essential tool for any serious detectorist. Through our actual test, it works almost same as the original detector, please rest assured to buy :)Difference compare to the Genuine GP  Pointer, This copy model will make sound and vibrate, but Not always sound and vib..
Pinpointer Gp-pointer II Waterproof Pinpointer Gp-pointer II Waterproof
Out Of Stock
Brand: SHRXY Model: gp-pointer II
SHRXY GP-POINTERII Hand-held Metal DetectorExperience precise metal detection with the SHRXY GP-POINTERII, the hand-held detector designed to pinpoint both ferrous and nonferrous objects with unmatched accuracy. Engineered for treasure recovery, the SHRXY complements ground search metal detectors, e..
Brand: MINELAB Model: pro-find 20
Pinpointer Minelab Pro-Find 20The PRO-FIND 20 offers essential core pinpointer features in a waterproof housing, designed for simplicity and ease of use with audio and vibrate target indication. Locate coins, rings, and gold with speed and accuracy.Included with the PRO-FIND 20:PRO-FIND 20 pinpointe..
Brand: MINELAB Model: pro-find 40
Introducing the Minelab PRO-FIND 40 Pinpointer: Unparalleled Precision and PerformanceAre you ready to take your metal detecting adventures to the next level? Look no further than the Minelab PRO-FIND 40 Pinpointer. Meticulously designed for the dedicated detectorist, the PRO-FIND 40 is a game-chang..
Brand: XP Model: mi4
Pinpointer/ metal detector MI-4The MI-4 is a traditional pin pointer, designed to be used by all detectorists at an attractive price, the MI-4 has the same specifications as the MI-6, without the DEUS / ORX radio connection.When operating, you can re-calibrate the pinpointer by briefly pressing the ..
Brand: XP Model: mi6
Pinpointer MI-6The MI-6 is the first pinpointer on the market to offer wireless connectivity to your XP DEUS II, DEUS or ORX detector.“If you have the XP DEUS II, DEUS or ORX, then you should have the MI-6 pinpointer. This is the best detector & pinpointer combination available.”  - said Ga..
Brand: Max-Fuchs Model: ww2
Compact Carbon Steel Mini Shovel: A Must-Have for Outdoor EnthusiastsExperience the durability and functionality of our reinforced carbon steel mini shovel, a tool designed to meet the diverse needs of outdoor lovers. Whether you're heading to the mountains, setting up camp, or looking for a trusty ..
Thracian Pinpointer Thracian Pinpointer
Out Of Stock
Brand: THRACIAN Model: Thracian pinpointer
Enhance Your Metal Detecting Experience with the Thracian Pinpointer – Your Swift and Accurate Target LocatorMaximize your treasure hunting with the Thracian Pinpointer, the ultimate tool for expedited target recovery. Our state-of-the-art metal detector pinpointer features:Rapid Static Detection: Q..
Brand: XP Model: wsa2
XP WSA II HeadphonesWireless headphones, fully rainproof, foldable, compact, lightweight, compatible with the DEUS II.The WSA II is a sophisticated wireless headset. Manufactured in France by XP especially for our detectors, it works with the DEUS II remote control or with the WS6 Master, i.e. when ..
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