Is an invoice required to own a metal detector in Bulgaria?

Due to a large number of inquiries and ambiguity on the subject, I will try to answer here.

You do not have to have an invoice from retailer to possess a metal detector.

You need to have one of the following documents:

1. I bought a metal detector from Ekont / Speedy, but I don't have an invoice from a previous owner. What to do?

- The receipt and bill of lading from the courier is enough to certify ownership. It is good to ask the seller to mention

what exactly sends (metal detector, pinpointer, search coil, etc.). Another thing you can do is to ask the seller to write a contract of sale.

2. I bought a metal detector, but I only have a warranty card. Is this a problem?

- It is not a problem if the metal detector, the serial number and your names are described. It is good for the warranty card to have a stamp and a contact for correspondence.

3. Do I have to register the metal detector?

- Some colleagues are sending applications for registration to the Ministry of Culture, where they receive a written refusal. This written refusal is used as a document for the metal detector.

In my opinion, having the above documents, this is not necessary.

4. I am a member of a certain organization. Does this entitle me to legally use a metal detector (permit)?

- Being a member of an organization does not give you the advantage of using a metal detector. Whether you are in an organization or not - you have the same rights. The above documents are required.

5. Is it good to be a member of an organization related to the hobby I practice?

It just depends on whether you want to get together with people who practice your hobby. The various organizations hold periodic fairs, at which its members exchange experiences, relax and have fun.

6. Where can I search with a metal detector?

- Wherever there is no archeological site or no trace of such.

7. What to do if we find an ancient object?

- You have week time to show your finds to the museum near you.