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Welcome to the "Books" section of our website! Here, you will find a rich collection of books covering various topics such as archaeology, history, science, and literature. Discover unique publications and in-depth scholarly research that will enrich your knowledge and broaden your horizons. Whether you are a professional archaeologist, historian, or just a science enthusiast, our collection has something for everyone. Happy reading!

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Book "Thracian Roads in the Maritsa Lowlands and the Rhodopes during Antiquity"  (In Bulgarian Language)Read, Remember, Apply! Follow the Law!The book "Thracian Roads in the Maritsa Lowlands and the Rhodopes during Antiquity" offers a unique insight into the ancient roads and archaeological fin..
Model: book Plovdiv
Author: Bozhidar Chaparov, Vlentina ChaparovaBook Description:The book "Prehistoric Plovdiv: A Historiographical Study" is the first critical analysis of the published results of archaeological research in Plovdiv, achieved by specialists over more than 120 years. The main goal is to present the res..
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