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Nokta Simplex BT Metal Detector


Nokta Simplex BT Metal Detector Description:

Discover hidden treasures with the innovative Nokta Simplex BT metal detector, designed to meet the needs of both beginners and professional treasure hunters. Combining high-tech features with an easy-to-use interface, the Simplex BT represents a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of metal detecting.

Wireless Connectivity for Ultimate Convenience

Equipped with Bluetooth technology, the Simplex BT allows for easy connection to wireless headphones. This provides freedom of movement and eliminates the inconvenience of tangled wires during your treasure hunts.

Waterproof for Underwater Adventures

With a waterproof casing that allows for use up to 5 meters underwater, the Simplex BT opens the door to treasure hunting at the beach, in rivers, and lakes. This device is your reliable partner in discovering coins, jewelry, and other valuables hidden beneath the water's surface.

Multifunctionality and Customization

The various operating modes of the Simplex BT allow you to tailor the device to your specific searching conditions and to exclude unwanted metal objects. With the automatic ground balancing feature, the metal detector ensures stability regardless of the soil type.

Long-lasting Battery and Comfort

Equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery, the Simplex BT offers extended searching sessions without the need for frequent recharging. The lightweight and ergonomic design ensures comfort even during prolonged use.

Software Updates for Continuous Improvement

The Nokta Simplex BT is equipped with software that can be easily updated, providing you access to the latest features and improvements, making your search even more effective.

Technical Specifications for Experts

  • Operating Frequency: 15 kHz, ideal for detecting a variety of metals.
  • Bluetooth Connection: Yes, for hassle-free connectivity with accessories.
  • Operating Modes: Several, including Field, Park, Beach, and All Metal, for maximum adaptability.
  • Pinpoint and Target ID: For precise localization and identification.
  • Sensitivity and Sound Settings: Customize according to your preferences.
  • Ground Balancing and Vibration: For optimal performance in different conditions.
  • Search Coil: Waterproof DD coil for a wide search range.


The Nokta Simplex BT metal detector combines innovation and convenience, offering top-notch features for every treasure hunter. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the Simplex BT is designed to exceed your expectations and take you on an unforgettable adventure in the search for hidden treasures.

Nokta Simplex BT Metal Detector

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With every purchase of a metal detector ,worth more than 200EUR you get a German small and large shovel. Made of hardened steel, very strong!

  • Model: Simplex BT
  • Weight: 1.20kg
  • Dimensions: 63.00cm x 130.00cm x 20.00cm
  • Location: Plovdiv
на 12 вноски по 57.09 лв.

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