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Professional metal detector unearthing deep buried relics and treasures

High-Performance Professional Metal Detectors for Unearthing Deep Buried Treasures

In the realm of metal detecting, professional-grade detectors are indispensable tools for enthusiasts and experts alike. These metal detectors are intricately designed to penetrate deep beneath the earth's surface, ensuring you can uncover hidden treasures that lesser devices might miss.

Unrivaled Depth and Precision for Large Targets

When it comes to detecting large objects like relics, ancient pots filled with coins, elusive meteorites, and other significant artifacts, you need a detector that offers both depth and precision. Our detectors have been fine-tuned for this exact purpose. Their sophisticated design and advanced technology make them ideal for reaching the maximum depth of detection, ensuring no valuable item remains undiscovered.

From the seasoned archaeologist to the passionate hobbyist, the hunt for buried treasures requires the best tools. With our professional metal detectors, you're equipped with top-tier equipment optimized for deep detection of sizable targets.

By investing in quality, you can trust that every beep and signal is closer to revealing a hidden piece of history or a valuable find. Dive into the world of deep metal detecting and unlock the secrets that lay beneath.

 Detech SSP 2100  Metal detector Detech SSP 2100
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Brand: DETECH Model: SSP 2100
Detech SSP 2100 Pulse Induction Metal Detector Metal Detectors with In-Depth Capabilities Metal detectors that delve deep, WITH 2 REELS AND THE 36CM 1X1 METRO. The SSP-2100 Discriminator showcases a powerful synergy, combining both a metal detector and a magnetometer in one. This dual-sy..
Brand: DETECH Model: 18 inch non discriminating coil
Detech 18" (45.72cm) non discriminating coil for SSP5100 metal detector18 inch or 45.72cm  non discrimination search coil for SSP 5100 metal detctor. Made for easly locating/pinpointing targets. Very light, strong and water proof.*You will receive a free s-shape handle...
Brand: DETECH Model: 18 inch discriminating search coil
Unlock the full potential of treasure hunting with the Detech 18" (45.72 cm) Discriminating Search Coil, specifically designed for the SSP 5100 Metal Detector. This robust search coil is engineered to enhance your metal detecting experience by providing precise pinpointing capabilities for frame-det..
Brand: DETECH Model: 18"Concentric
The Detech 18" (45cm) Concentric Search Coil – A Game-Changer for Minelab SD, GP, & GPX DetectorsUnparalleled Precision and FunctionalityDiscover the power of Detech's 18-inch (45cm) Concentric search coil that's specifically crafted to elevate the efficiency of your Minelab SD, GP, and GPX dete..
Brand: DETECH Model: 21*17 minelab
Detech 21 x 17 inch S.E.F Butterfly Search Coil for Minelab Detectors Enhance your prospecting with the Detech 21 x 17 inch S.E.F Butterfly search coil, tailored for the Minelab SD, GP, and GPX series. This coil stands as the biggest DD in the Butterfly coil range, offering unmatched depth and sens..
Brand: DETECH Model: Standard
Detech Relic Striker 4.8 kHz: Deep Search VLF Relic DetectorSpecial Offer: Comes with a Free Coil ProtectorDive deep into treasure hunting with the Detech Relic triker, a leading VLF relic detector renowned for its depth and stability. Expertly designed for detecting large relics buried deep within ..
Brand: DETECH Model: ProPack
Detech Relic Striker 4.8 kHz with 2 coils: SEF 18x15 and 13"Ultimate DD search coilWith free coil protectorsThe Detech Relic Striker is a very deep, stable VLF relic detector. It's designed for searching big objects buried deep in the ground. The low 4.8 kHz frequency gives the opportunity..
Brand: DETECH Model: SSP 5100 Pro Pack
DETECH SSP 5100 PULSE PRO PACK: Advanced PI Metal DetectorDive deep into the world of precision detection with the DETECH SSP 5100 PULSE PRO PACK. Now featuring a state-of-the-art frame and a discriminating 18-inch search coil, complemented with an ergonomic S-shaped handle. Truly, a PI frame detect..
Brand: DETECH Model: SSP 5100
DETECH SSP 5100 PULSE Professional Gold and Relic Metal DetectorUnearth treasures with unmatched precision using the DETECH SSP 5100 PULSE – the definitive choice for professionals seeking gold and ancient relics. Its unparalleled features include:Rapid Ground Tuning: Ensures seamless adaptation to ..
Frame search coils for Deep Hunter
Out Of Stock
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: GoldenMask_pi_frame
Frame search coils for Deep HunterTo choose size, please use the button above..
Golden Mask HF1000: Advanced Metal Detector for Professional Treasure Hunting Golden Mask HF1000: Advanced Metal Detector for Professional Treasure Hunting
Coming soon
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: HF1000
Discover the Unmatched Performance of the Golden Mask HF1000: Your Ultimate Metal Detection SolutionEmbark on a journey of discovery with the Golden Mask HF1000, a state-of-the-art metal detector designed for both enthusiasts and professionals. Engineered for precision, sensitivity, and ease of ..
Brand: OERAD Model: scudo
Unearth the Unseen with OERAD's Ground Penetrating Radar: SCUDO 500 PRO - 2023 SeriesElevate your subterranean exploration with the new OERAD SCUDO 500 PRO (2023 Model), a groundbreaking Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) tailored to perfection. This state-of-the-art technology brings unparalleled insig..
Brand: OERAD Model: scudo 500 8bit
Product Description: Oerad Scudo 500 GPR Ground Penetrating RadarAre you ready to uncover hidden treasures beneath the surface? Introducing the Oerad Scudo 500 Ground Penetrating Radar – your ultimate solution for non-invasive subsurface exploration. Whether you're an archaeologist, construction pro..
Metal detector Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro
Out Of Stock
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: GoldenMask_PI
Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro Boost 20% more depthGolden Mask Deep Hunter is a professional metal detector.The main difference between Pro and the base series is the power booster button. When it's switched on it boost up to 20% more depth of detection. GM DH use the principle of pulse induction...
Brand: MINELAB Model: gpx 5000 -2
What's Included in Your Minelab GPX 5000 Package?1. Minelab GPX 5000 Metal Detector:Unearth the deepest treasures, from gold nuggets to ancient relics, with unparalleled precision and ease. Every search is a rewarding experience with GPX 5000's advanced technology at your fingertips.2. Reliable Batt..
Brand: MINELAB Model: gpx 5000
What's Inside the Package?When you unbox the Minelab GPX 5000 package, excitement and anticipation meet you first. Here’s the treasure trove of items you’ll find inside:1. Minelab GPX 5000 Metal Detector:Your gateway to uncharted territories. Its advanced technology is designed to make every hunt a ..
Nugget finder 25"  Evo Mono (Spiral) Search coil
Sold out
Brand: NUGGET FINDER Model: 25 mono
Nugget finder 25" (63.5cm) Evolution Mono search coil for Minelab SD,GP and GPXNugget Finder's largest mono search coil in the EVO series. This coil is extremely suitable for searching  relics and large gold nuggets at extreme depth. When it comes to depth - this is the coil!!! The weight is on..
Brand: NUGGET FINDER Model: 25"dd
Search coil Nugget Finder X-Search 25 inch (63.5) DD The Nugget Finder X-Search 25″ DD coil offers fantastic depth on large gold, combined with huge ground coverage per sweep, even at full depth. Quiet operation in mineralized soils, with the ability to run Normal soil timings in most ground co..
PI search coils for Deep Hunter
Out Of Stock
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: searchCoilPi_goldenMask
Search coils for Golden Mask Deep HunterSearch coils for Golden Mask Deep Hunter & Deep Hunter ProTo choose size, please use the button above...
Brand: OERAD Model: DIPOLO
DIPOLO PRO GPR With Three Sets of Antennasand3D softwareExtreme penetration depth GPRby OERAD(12.02.2023  version)Dipolo Oerad is suitable for outdoor search, as this radar is not shielded! When working in a forest, tunnel, or elsewhere, the images above the antenna will be displayed on the gra..
Thracian Mineral Power  Metal detector Thracian Mineral Power  Metal detector
Sold out
Brand: THRACIAN Model: Mineral Power
**Thracian Mineral Power Metal Detector** Dive into a world of precise metal detection with the **Thracian Mineral Power Metal Detector**. This sophisticated device is specifically engineered for optimal performance in highly mineralized soils or terrains, where many other detectors falter. **..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: war hunter
Thracian WAR HUNTER Metal Detector: Deep Detection for Relic EnthusiastsDiscover the power of precision with the Thracian WAR HUNTER Metal Detector, uniquely engineered for deep relic detection. Its innovative design empowers treasure hunters to unveil deeply buried treasures, making it a favorite a..
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