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Detech metal detectors

Innovative Metal Detectors and Search Coils by Detech

Detech - A Leading Brand in Metal Detectors and Search Coils

Detech takes pride in being one of the most renowned global manufacturers of search coils and metal detectors. With a solid reputation built over years of innovation and quality, the company is transforming the way people discover gold, coins, jewelry, and relics buried underground.

Technology and Innovations

Every device manufactured by Detech is a result of in-depth research and development. The technologies embedded in the metal detectors and coils are designed to provide maximum accuracy, flexibility, and reliability in the search for valuable items beneath the earth’s surface.

Expert Team and Vision

Detech’s team consists of experienced engineers, designers, and technicians who are dedicated to creating products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of professionals in the field of metal detection. Every new series of metal detectors and coils reflects the company’s pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Diverse Range of Products

Detech offers a rich assortment of metal detectors and coils adapted to various conditions and needs. From the incredible accuracy of the SSP and EDS series to specialized solutions for discovering relics, coins, and gold, every product is designed with the user in mind.


Detech continues to be at the forefront of technological innovations, providing metal detectors and search coils that are a blend of high-quality craftsmanship, precision, and durability. The company is committed to raising the industry standards and maintaining its status as a global leader in metal detection technology.

 Detech SSP 2100  Metal detector Detech SSP 2100
Out Of Stock
Brand: DETECH Model: SSP 2100
Detech SSP 2100 Pulse Induction Metal Detector Metal Detectors with In-Depth Capabilities Metal detectors that delve deep, WITH 2 REELS AND THE 36CM 1X1 METRO. The SSP-2100 Discriminator showcases a powerful synergy, combining both a metal detector and a magnetometer in one. This dual-sy..
Demo/Used  Detech EDS Plus II metal detector
Out Of Stock
Brand: DETECH Model: PLUS II
Demo detector EDS Plus II which has used only for demonstration purpose.Batteries,charger and 12x12"SEF coil in the package2 years electronics and search coil warranty..
Brand: DETECH Model: detech_chaser
Detech Chaser 14 kHz Metal Detector: Top Quality and PerformanceGet a Free Coil Protector with Every Purchase!Discover the Detech Chaser 14 kHz Metal Detector, your intuitive companion for efficient metal detecting. Designed for simplicity, this device is user-friendly, making it the choice for both..
Brand: DETECH Model: desertgold 3
Detech DesertGold 3 Metal Detector: A Deep Coin Shooter For EnthusiastsIntroducing the Detech DesertGold 3 - a leading contender in the realm of coin shooting metal detectors. Experience the superiority of an analogue metal detector that dives deep, delivers rapid recovery speed, and provides compre..
Brand: DETECH Model: gold catcher
Detech EDS Gold Catcher 28 kHz - Your Ultimate Companion for Gold Nugget Detection!Bonus: Comes with two search coils and free coil protectors!Unlock the secrets of the earth with the Detech EDS Gold Catcher 28 kHz Metal Detector, engineered specifically for unparalleled performance in detecting gol..
Brand: DETECH Model: EDS II Plus 14 kHz
Detech EDS II Plus 14 kHz Metal Detector - A Revolution in Deep Target DetectionUnlock the world beneath your feet with the unparalleled power of Detech EDS II Plus 14 kHz Metal Detector. Built for professionals and enthusiasts alike, this metal detector is a true testament to the pinnacle of resear..
Detech EDS Reacher 28kHz Metal detector
Sold out
Brand: DETECH Model: detech_28khz_eds
Detech EDS Reacher 28kHz Metal DetectorWith Free Coil ProtectorDiscover the Detech EDS Reacher, renowned as the world’s deepest entry-level metal detector, equipped with features that stand it out in the competitive market.A New Wave of ExcellenceStepping up from its predecessors, Winner (I and II) ..
Brand: DETECH Model: Standard
Detech Relic Striker 4.8 kHz: Deep Search VLF Relic DetectorSpecial Offer: Comes with a Free Coil ProtectorDive deep into treasure hunting with the Detech Relic triker, a leading VLF relic detector renowned for its depth and stability. Expertly designed for detecting large relics buried deep within ..
Brand: DETECH Model: ProPack
Detech Relic Striker 4.8 kHz with 2 coils: SEF 18x15 and 13"Ultimate DD search coilWith free coil protectorsThe Detech Relic Striker is a very deep, stable VLF relic detector. It's designed for searching big objects buried deep in the ground. The low 4.8 kHz frequency gives the opportunity..
Brand: DETECH Model: SSP 5100 Pro Pack
DETECH SSP 5100 PULSE PRO PACK: Advanced PI Metal DetectorDive deep into the world of precision detection with the DETECH SSP 5100 PULSE PRO PACK. Now featuring a state-of-the-art frame and a discriminating 18-inch search coil, complemented with an ergonomic S-shaped handle. Truly, a PI frame detect..
Brand: DETECH Model: SSP 5100
DETECH SSP 5100 PULSE Professional Gold and Relic Metal DetectorUnearth treasures with unmatched precision using the DETECH SSP 5100 PULSE – the definitive choice for professionals seeking gold and ancient relics. Its unparalleled features include:Rapid Ground Tuning: Ensures seamless adaptation to ..
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