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Detech Relic Striker 4.8 kHz Metal detector

Image of Detech Relic Striker 4.8 kHz VLF Detector with waterproof search coil and telescopic handle

Detech Relic Striker 4.8 kHz: Deep Search VLF Relic Detector

Special Offer: Comes with a Free Coil Protector

Dive deep into treasure hunting with the Detech Relic triker, a leading VLF relic detector renowned for its depth and stability. Expertly designed for detecting large relics buried deep within the earth, its unique 4.8 kHz frequency makes it stand out, especially when working on high-mineralized soil. The results? Far superior to many other VLF detectors on the market.

Many seasoned treasure hunting professionals prefer the low-frequency VLF over PI metal detectors, particularly when the goal is to detect nonferrous metals deep down. With a waterproof, shock-resistant search coil that's built to endure any weather and temperature (UV-protected), it boasts a large 18x15 inch (38cm x 46cm) size, enabling broader coverage and the potential to reach depths of up to 1.5 meters. A depth that many PI detectors only dream of achieving.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Search Systems: VLF Motion and Non Motion
  • Deep Detection: Operating at a frequency of 4.8 kHz for superior results
  • Acoustic Metal Discrimination: 2-fold system for precision
  • Audio Frequencies: 250 Hz (Low Tone), 550 Hz (Standard Tone), 1100 Hz (High Tone)
  • Stability: Remains steady even in electromagnetic interference
  • Advanced Discrimination: Adjustable metal discrimination with efficient ferrous scrap suppression
  • Smart Detection: Auto-identifies coil size and type for optimal performance
  • Power & Battery: Visual/audible checks, 30-hour operating time with 6 x 1.5 V batteries
  • Search Coil: Waterproof SEF 18x15 (38cm x 46cm) with protective cover
  • Design: Camouflaged with a black, 3-fold divisible telescopic handle
  • Weight: Lightweight at approximately 1.6 kg

Detech Relic Striker 4.8 kHz Metal detector

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With every purchase of a metal detector ,worth more than 200EUR you get a German small and large shovel. Made of hardened steel, very strong!

  • Model: Standard
  • Weight: 1.60kg
  • Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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