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Detech search coil for Garrett

Detech search coil for Garrett

Searching Coils for Garrett - Discover the Variety with Detech

If you own a Garrett brand metal detector and are looking for the perfect coil for your expeditions, Detech is your best choice. Specialized in the production of high-quality searching coils, Detech offers a wide range of products that are compatible with various Garrett models.

Advantages of Detech Coils for Garrett

  • Accuracy and Efficiency: Detech's coils are designed to maximize the accuracy and efficiency of your Garrett metal detectors.
  • Innovative Technologies: Benefit from the latest technological innovations that ensure deep penetration and high sensitivity in metal searching.
  • Durability: Made from quality materials, Detech's coils promise longevity and reliability in all conditions and terrains.

The Ideal Partner for Your Garrett Metal Detector

The searching coils produced by Detech for Garrett are customized to meet the specific needs of each metal detector model. Whether you're a novice or experienced treasure hunter, Detech’s coils will help you discover hidden wealth beneath the earth's surface with incredible ease and accuracy.

Contact and Information

For more information about our searching coils for Garrett, please feel free to contact us. Our specialists are available to help you choose the ideal coil that meets your needs and preferences.

Brand: DETECH Model: 12x10 garrett
Search coil Detech (Butterfly)12x10 inch S.E.F for GARRETT metal detector and suitable for all ACE series   With free coil protectorThe 12х10" S.E.F coil is designed to go deeper and offer better all around performance when compared to the other "DD" coils on the market today. ..
Brand: DETECH Model: apex 11.5"
Enhance Your Hunting Experience with the Garrett ACE APEX 11.5" Detech Ultimate CoilUpgrade your Garrett ACE APEX metal detector with the 11.5" (29cm) Detech Ultimate Coil, tailored for superior performance in diverse terrains. Experience unparalleled depth and refined target ID, effortlessly unmask..
Brand: DETECH Model: 12*10
Unearth Hidden Depths with the Detech 12x10" S.E.F CoilDiscover a new level of metal detecting efficiency with the Detech S.E.F. 12x10" coil, a versatile accessory compatible with a wide range of leading metal detectors including models from Teknetics, Garrett, White's, Fisher, XP, Minelab, Tesoro, ..
Brand: DETECH Model: detech_13ultimate
Discover Unparalleled Depth & Accuracy with the Detech 13" Ultimate DD Coil for Top Detector BrandsUnlock new depths in metal detecting with the Detech 13" Ultimate DD Coil. Expertly designed to fit an array of leading brands - Garrett, White's, Fisher, Teknetics, XP, Minelab, Tesoro, and Detech..
Brand: DETECH Model: 13 garrett
Detech Ultimate 33cm Search Coil for Garrett Metal DetectorsElevate your treasure hunting experience with the Detech Ultimate 33cm search coil, specifically engineered for Garrett metal detectors including the ACE series, AT PRO/AT Gold, and GTI series. The included free protector ensures additional..
Brand: DETECH Model: apex
13" (33cm) Ultimate Search Coil for Garrett APEXUnparalleled Depth & PerformanceUnveil the true potential of your Garrett ACE APEX with the 13" (33cm) Ultimate Search Coil. Renowned as the deepest search coil designed specifically for the Garrett Apex, it promises to redefine your treasure hunt..
Brand: DETECH Model: 15 Ultimate
Upgrade your metal detecting experience with the Detech 15" Ultimate Search Coil, compatible with a range of top-tier metal detectors, including models from Minelab, Garrett, and XP. This 38cm coil is engineered to fit seamlessly with popular detectors such as the Minelab Safari, Explorer, E-Trac, a..
Brand: DETECH Model: apex 9"
This is the smallest size coil for Garrett Ace Apex. You will get much more depth with combination of super stable operation and excellent signal separation, than the original coil. This size 9" (23cm) is suitable for rivers, near stones, roots and tiny spaces.Check out the 11.5" Ultimate search coi..
Brand: DETECH Model: 8x6
Enhance your treasure hunting experience with the high-performance Detech S.E.F. 8x6 inch Search Coil, compatible with a wide range of top metal detectors including Garrett ACE series, Minelab's E-Trac, Safari, Quattro, and Explorer models, Teknetics T2, and the esteemed Tesoro line with the Cibola,..
Brand: DETECH Model: arrow-garrett
Discover unparalleled efficiency and precision with the newest Detech Arrow search coil. Crafted by the esteemed Bulgarian manufacturer Detech, this state-of-the-art search coil is a masterpiece of innovation, offering a unique 18x4" (46x10cm) size that is unparalleled in the market.Superior Design ..
Brand: DETECH Model: arrow
Introducing the Detech 18x4" search coil - a groundbreaking innovation from Bulgaria's leading detector accessory manufacturer, Detech. Boasting a unique 18x4" (46x10cm) dimension, this search coil is unparalleled and stands out in today's saturated market.Designed with precision, the Detech Arrow s..
Brand: DETECH Model: Detech_10x5_WSS
NEW Detech S.E.F. 10x5"WSS Search Coil: The Ultimate Choice for Various Detector Models The Detech S.E.F. 10x5"WSS search coil has been meticulously designed for a vast range of metal detector models, making it a versatile addition to your treasure hunting equipment. It is compatible with models ..
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