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 Here you will find the whole gamma search coils and metal detectors made by Detech Ltd     

Brand: DETECH Model: detech-cover-ultimate-13
Coil cover for Detech 13" Ultimate DD search coilMade from strong, long lasting material..
Brand: DETECH Model: 12x10_cover_detech
Coil cover for Detech SEF 12x10 inch coilMade from strong, long lasting material..
Brand: DETECH Model: PLUS II
Demo detector EDS Plus II which has not been used outside the office. Batteries,charger and 9x9"SEF coil in the package2 years electronics and search coil warranty..
Brand: DETECH Model: detech_15x8dd
Detech  15 x 8" DD  search coil for Minelab GPX, GP and SD metal detectorsThis is a classical 15 x 8 Elliptical coil now available in DD.Same operation as the 12.5" DD, with the Elliptical shape to allowing you access to tighter areas.Another option for older machines that require DD coils..
Brand: DETECH Model: detech_15x12_gpx_sd
Detech 15x12 inch search coil ​SEF DD ​for Minelab GPX, GP and SD series detectorsDesigned to go deeper than standard coils. Lightweight Open style for speed-comfort-deeper finds! You can search a large area quite fast, due to the easy size and weight without losing any depth! Made to locate Gold an..
Brand: DETECH Model: minelab_18x15_gpx_sd
Detech 18 x 15 inch SEF DD for Minelab GPX, GP and SD series detectorsWith free coil protectorLightweight open coil. Middle size to allow user to cover more ground in less time with less operator fatigue resulting in finding more gold. Very similar to the larger 21 x 17. Will go deeper and give bett..
Brand: DETECH Model: S.E.F. Search coil for GM
Detech  S.E.F. Search CoilsforGolden Mask With free coil protectorSearch coil for Golden Mask: 1+,1+ UK Edition, 4, 4 Pro, 4 WD. This search coil comes with free protector and gold galvanized connector. Deeper than ordinary search coils, but with excellent separation of metals.Size: 8..
Brand: DETECH Model: 11 Mono Ultra Sensing
Detech 11 inch Ultra Sensing Monoloop search coil for Minelab GP,GPX,SD metal detectorsThis 100 % Waterproof, latest technology, Spiral wound mono coil, is the newest edition to the Detech mono range.It will amaze with its sensitivity to small Gold and relics at incredible depths! Stabilit..
Brand: DETECH Model: detech_11"mono
Detech 11" Monoloop (closed design) search coil for Minelab GPX, GP & SD series11" MONO Solid design coil has proven to be a popular sized coil. One of the very best for stability and sensitivity for locating gold nuggets, not only in new undetected ground, but gold has been found in many a..
Brand: DETECH Model: detech_11x6_mono
Detech 11x6'Monoloop (closed design) for Minelab GP, GPX & SD series11 x 6" Monoloop coil is extremely sensitive to smaller gold and still very stable over the ground. Ideally suited to cleaning up those previously worked patches. Better sensitivity, more accurate, able to locate both large and ..
Brand: DETECH Model: 12.5 detech minelab GPX
Detech 12.5 inch discriminating search coil  for Minelab GPX, GP and SD series detectorsFree search coil12.5” DD solid design coil this is a classic coil.  Very stable, no false signals, able to work in difficult soils and locate smaller nuggets as well as larger deeper GOLD with this coi..
Brand: DETECH Model: Detech12.5Monoloop
Detech 12.5 inch Monoloop search coil  for Minelab GPX, GP and SD Series12.5" MONO solid design coil has proven itself to be one of the very best search coils for locating gold nuggets, not only in new undetected ground, but gold has been found in many areas, previously detected and said to hav..
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You can find all metal detectors Metal detectors: Minelab, Detech, Golden Mask, Thracian, Fisher, XP, Whites, Garrett, Nokta, Makro, Pirate, AKA, Tesoro, OKM, Pulse Star We offer search coils for: Minelab: X-TERRA Series, Safari, E-TRAC, GP & GPX searies ; Fisher: F44 ,F22, F11, F2,F4,F5, F19, F70,F75, F75LTD ; Gold Bug & Gold Bug-2 ; XP: Gmaxx & goldmaxx power ; Golden Mask: 1+,4, 4Pro, 4WD, 5, 5+, Thracian: Thracian Manula ground, Garrett: ACE series, AT Pro, AT Gold, GTI2500; Tesoro: Mojave,Compadre,Silver Sabre series,Cibola,Vaquero, Outlaw, Lobo SuperTRAQ, Tejón, DeLeón, Cortés

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