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Founded in 1981, Max Fuchs AG has grown into one of Europe’s top wholesalers for outdoor, military, and camping clothing and equipment. Based in Bavarian Hinterschmiding, our brands "MFH," "MFH-Professional," "Pure Trash," and "Fox Outdoor" are recognized globally, offering over 10,000 high-quality, reasonably priced products, including a vast selection of genuine military surplus. Our 35,000 sqm warehouse ensures swift order dispatch, backed by stringent quality controls ensuring excellence in every product.

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Brand: Max-Fuchs Model: Folding shovel
German Military Folding Shovel - 60cm: Combining functionality and convenience, this German military shovel is an ideal tool for outdoor enthusiasts and camping aficionados. Unique to the blade is its serrated edge on one side, useful in diverse terrains. The shovel boasts a reliable spring lock for..
Brand: Max-Fuchs Model: Field spade
German Field Spade: Merging practicality with precision, this German field spade is a must-have for outdoor activities and expeditions. Distinctive for its blade, it features a grinded edge on one side and a step, making it versatile for various tasks. For ease of transport, it is accompanied by a d..
Brand: Max-Fuchs Model: mini scoop
Mini Shovel for Metal Detecting: Your Essential Digging CompanionFor enthusiasts of metal detecting, having the right tools is crucial. Introducing our compact mini shovel, the perfect ally for those exciting treasure hunting adventures.Unmatched Durability & Design: Crafted with precision, our..
Brand: Max-Fuchs Model: ww2
Compact Carbon Steel Mini Shovel: A Must-Have for Outdoor EnthusiastsExperience the durability and functionality of our reinforced carbon steel mini shovel, a tool designed to meet the diverse needs of outdoor lovers. Whether you're heading to the mountains, setting up camp, or looking for a trusty ..
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