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Gold prospector using a metal detector and pan in a riverbed

Gold Prospecting: Premium Metal Detectors, Pans, and Gold Dredges

Gold prospecting is more than just a treasure hunt; it's a journey into history and geology, leading enthusiasts and professionals alike on an adventure in pursuit of the precious yellow metal. While searching for gold deposits, prospectors utilize a myriad of methods, each tailored to the specific type of deposit they're chasing and the resources available to them.

The Evolution of Gold Prospecting

Traditionally, gold prospecting has been viewed as a commercial endeavor, a race to unearth valuable deposits that have eluded others. Today, with the advancement of technology and tools at our disposal, the methods have become more refined. Modern-day metal detectors, engineered specifically for gold, can detect even the tiniest nuggets buried deep underground. These sophisticated machines, combined with the tried-and-true pans and gold dredges, offer a comprehensive approach to gold hunting.

The Recreational Side of Prospecting

Yet, the allure of gold prospecting transcends its commercial roots. In many developed countries, placer gold prospecting has morphed into a cherished outdoor recreation. Families and solo adventurers head to streams, rivers, and old mining sites, equipped with pans and a sense of wonder, hoping to get a glimpse of that sparkling metal. Whether you're a seasoned prospector or someone just starting on this exciting journey, our collection is here to support you. Dive deep into our specialized section where we proudly offer state-of-the-art Gold Detectors, high-performance Prospecting metal detectors, efficient pans, and powerful gold dredges. Equip yourself with the best, and let the golden adventure begin!
Brand: DETECH Model: desertgold 3
Detech DesertGold 3 Metal Detector: A Deep Coin Shooter For EnthusiastsIntroducing the Detech DesertGold 3 - a leading contender in the realm of coin shooting metal detectors. Experience the superiority of an analogue metal detector that dives deep, delivers rapid recovery speed, and provides compre..
Brand: DETECH Model: gold catcher
Detech EDS Gold Catcher 28 kHz - Your Ultimate Companion for Gold Nugget Detection!Bonus: Comes with two search coils and free coil protectors!Unlock the secrets of the earth with the Detech EDS Gold Catcher 28 kHz Metal Detector, engineered specifically for unparalleled performance in detecting gol..
Brand: KARMA Model: Karma Ultimate Pro Package
Karma Ultimate Pro PackageProfessional gold washing kit. Made of high quality materials. Innovative design for maximum efficiency. Lightweight and with a comfortable 360 ​​degree grip. A kit that is effective for washing gold on dry and in water. The set includes: - Karma Gravity Gold P..
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: 1+ 18kHz
Golden Mask 1+ 18 kHz Metal Detector: Advanced Design, Precise DetectionIntroducing the latest in metal detecting technology - the Golden Mask 1+ 18 kHz metal detector, an upgrade from the renowned GM1+ 18kHz. Streamlined to perfection, it features a more compact control box, combined with robust ca..
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: 5+ SE Platinum 15-30 kHz
Metal Detector Golden Mask 5+ SE Platinum 15-30 kHzThe Golden Mask 5+ SE Platinum is the pinnacle of metal detection innovation. Designed to operate at two key frequencies, 15 kHz for relics and coins, and 30 kHz tailored for prospecting, this detector guarantees to maximize your finds. Its keen sen..
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: 6
The All-New Golden Mask 6 Metal DetectorUnveiling the Golden Mask 6, the epitome of advanced metal detection. As the latest entrant in our lineup, it's engineered with three pivotal frequencies - 5, 15, and 30 kHz, making it an unparalleled tool for diverse terrains.Whether you're hunting for ancien..
GPR Pro  for  Mapping and Locating + 3D software GPR Pro  for  Mapping and Locating + 3D software
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Brand: OERAD Model: scudo
Unearth the Unseen with OERAD's Ground Penetrating Radar: SCUDO 500 PRO - 2023 SeriesElevate your subterranean exploration with the new OERAD SCUDO 500 PRO (2023 Model), a groundbreaking Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) tailored to perfection. This state-of-the-art technology brings unparalleled insig..
Makro Gold Kruzer 61 kHz  Metal detector Makro Gold Kruzer 61 kHz  Metal detector
Out Of Stock
Brand: MAKRO / NOKTA Model: Gold Kruzer
GOLD PROSPECTING AT ITS BEST!Discover the power of precision with Gold Kruzer, your ultimate partner in gold prospecting! Operating at an exceptional 61kHz high frequency, this machine breathes new life into overworked gold fields, unveiling even the smallest nuggets with unparalleled sensitivity. C..
Metal detector Golden Mask 4 WD with wireless headphones*Till stock lasts!!!
Out Of Stock
Brand: GOLDEN MASK Model: 4wd-promo
Golden Mask 4 WD 8-18 kHz  with wireless headphones mod.105 and telescopic stemsWith free: coil and batteries protectorTILL STOCK LASTS!!!Set contains:Golden Mask 4WD with telescopic carbon stemWireless heaphones mod 105Batteries and charger12x10 SEF search coilGolden Mask 4 WD 8kHz - 18kH..
Brand: MINELAB Model: 10 pan
10-Inch Single Riffle Pan for Gold ProspectingThe 10-inch Single Riffle Pan is a versatile and essential tool for anyone interested in gold prospecting. This pan features large 90° riffles and a flat sidewall, making it an excellent choice for various prospecting needs.Ideal for Beginners and Childr..
Brand: MINELAB Model: 15 pan
15-Inch Dual Riffle Pan: The Gold Nugget Panning Standard by MinelabThe 15-inch Dual Riffle Pan is the ultimate tool for gold prospectors seeking efficiency and versatility in their panning endeavors. Designed and crafted by Minelab, a trusted name in gold prospecting equipment, this pan sets the st..
Brand: MINELAB Model: EQUINOX 600
Minelab EQUINOX 600: Redefining Versatility and Performance in Treasure HuntingOverview:The Minelab EQUINOX 600 is a versatile, all-terrain, multi-purpose detector engineered to redefine the standards of VLF metal detectors. Designed for both novice and seasoned treasure enthusiasts, the EQUINOX 600..
Brand: MINELAB Model: Equinox 800
Unlock Superior Treasure Hunting with Minelab EQUINOX 800 Metal DetectorDiscover the next level of treasure hunting with the Minelab EQUINOX 800 - an all-terrain, multi-purpose metal detector engineered to outperform single frequency VLF detectors. Specifically crafted for the passionate coin and tr..
Brand: MINELAB Model: Gold Monster 1000
Universal Gold Detector: GOLD MONSTER 1000 - Unleashing Ultimate Gold Finding Potential!Discover the art of efficient gold detection with the GOLD MONSTER 1000 – your ultimate universal gold detector. Engineered for simplicity and high-performance, this detector transforms every beginner into a gold..
Brand: MINELAB Model: gpx 5000 -2
What's Included in Your Minelab GPX 5000 Package?1. Minelab GPX 5000 Metal Detector:Unearth the deepest treasures, from gold nuggets to ancient relics, with unparalleled precision and ease. Every search is a rewarding experience with GPX 5000's advanced technology at your fingertips.2. Reliable Batt..
Brand: MINELAB Model: gpx 5000
What's Inside the Package?When you unbox the Minelab GPX 5000 package, excitement and anticipation meet you first. Here’s the treasure trove of items you’ll find inside:1. Minelab GPX 5000 Metal Detector:Your gateway to uncharted territories. Its advanced technology is designed to make every hunt a ..
Brand: MINELAB Model: pro-gold
The PRO-GOLD kit features two premium quality pans and a versatile classifier. They’re constructed from durable lightweight polypropylene, are UV-resistant and float in water. 1.15-inch Dual Riffle PanThe 15-inch pan features three separate panning zones. A versatile combination of 90° riffles, mini..
Pulsed Dipole Pro Ground Penetrating Radar + 3D Software Pulsed Dipole Pro Ground Penetrating Radar + 3D Software
Free shipping
Brand: OERAD Model: DIPOLO
DIPOLO PRO GPR With Three Sets of Antennasand3D softwareExtreme penetration depth GPRby OERAD(12.02.2023  version)Dipolo Oerad is suitable for outdoor search, as this radar is not shielded! When working in a forest, tunnel, or elsewhere, the images above the antenna will be displayed on the gra..
Thracian Mineral Power  Metal detector Thracian Mineral Power  Metal detector
Sold out
Brand: THRACIAN Model: Mineral Power
**Thracian Mineral Power Metal Detector** Dive into a world of precise metal detection with the **Thracian Mineral Power Metal Detector**. This sophisticated device is specifically engineered for optimal performance in highly mineralized soils or terrains, where many other detectors falter. **..
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