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Metal detector Golden Mask 6

Metal detector Golden Mask 6
Metal detector Golden Mask 6
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Metal detector Golden Mask 6
Metal detector Golden Mask 6

The new Golden Mask 6

Golden Mask 6 is the newest metal detector from the brand. It works on three main frequencies - 5,15 and 30 kHz. The detector has build in factory settings for coins, relics, beach and prospecting. Each programe can be modifiet with the best settings for user. Therefor it's suitable for beginners and professional. 
Golden Mask 6 detector has an autosave programe and every modification is saved automaticaly. You don't need to make new settings every time when starting the detector.
Golden Mask 6 metal detector has better ground balace performance than the  5 + SE model. You can manualy decrease the ground balance sense and make the detector suitable for very higly mineralized soil. Other new feature is the option GB stab. This will make your detector even stabler when ground balancing.  

Working frequency
5,15 and 30 kHz
Ground Balance
Automatic and Manual
Discrimination Ton
One tone and Two tones discrimination
Wireless headphones
Yes (optional)
Rechargeable batteries
Yes, 10 x 2500 NiMh AA size
5 years electronics warranty, 2 years warranty on search coil
Search coils
High frequency coils for Golden Mask

Metal detector Golden Mask 6

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  • Model: 6
  • Weight: 1.40kg
  • Dimensions: 60.00cm x 30.00cm x 13.00cm
  • Location: Plovidv, Bulgaria

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