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Metal detector Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro

Metal detector Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro
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Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro Boost 20% more depth

Golden Mask Deep Hunter is a professional metal detector.The main difference between Pro and the base series is the power booster button. When it's switched on it boost up to 20% more depth of detection. 

GM DH use the principle of pulse induction. Made more complex as analog circuit based on the recent advances in the electronics field in order to achieve competitive performance. The device is designed in accordance with the requirements of treasure hunters. Outperforms pulse detectors of this type mainly simplified controls, high sensitivity, reliability and stability. Innovative solutions are used to improve the performance of the automatic setting and identification of metals.Operating frequency 602 Hz -667Hz

Set of the unit:

1.Electronic control unit with built-in battery that provides approximately 10 hours of continuous operation at maximum power

2.Principle of operation - high-frequency pulse induction in slow motion mode, specifying the type of metal.

3.Controls and indicators:

"VOLLUME on / off" - a potentiometer control of sound power and "on/off" the power of electronic block.

"POWER" - potentiometer controls transmission power. 

"THRESHOLD" - potentiometer for setting the initial rate sound indication (in the absence of metal in your search coil appliance).

"GROUND" - "multiturn" potentiometer to adjust the system to eliminate the influence of the soil.

"TUNE" - button to start tuning the system to eliminate the influence of soil and quickly eliminate noise during operation.

"SIGNAL" – analog measurement system to indicate the level of a signal during the search.

"Fe", "n-Fe" - LED indication of the type of metal:

"green" - for ferromagnetic and "red" for nonferrous metals.

"Low battery!" - LED indication of low battery.

4.Setting the system to eliminate the effect of soil

- Search coil is placed on the ground in an area where it is not expected presence of buried metal objects. 

- Turn "VOLLUME on / off" clockwise to turn on the power and determine the volume of the sound (to point 5-7 scale is enough for the job);

- Select the required value of the power (depth-sensing) with the "POWER" (larger values provide greater depth of detection);

- Press the "TUNE" and turns "GROUND" in the direction counterclockwise to achieve maximum volume, then "TUNE" and relies “TUNE”;

- With "THRESHOLD" set the frequency of the sound (in the absence of metal in your search antenna);

This setting is completed.

5.Search for metal objects (framework)

Use the both belts for caring. The frame should be moved horizontally about 10 cm above the ground. The search begins with pressing and releasing for a short time "TUNE".
Observe the area over which is passed to the frame. It must be sweeping parallel with length from 5 to 10 m. The overlap should be at least 1/3 the size of the frame. 
The movement is performed slowly, each signal is indicated by start and end. Signals with a duration of less than half the size of the frame is usually due to shallow buried metal objects. Signals with longer require careful examination by repeatedly approaching from different countries.

6.Search for metal objects with small antenna

The stick have to be adjustabled to the height of the operator. The antenna is lifted off, allowing spreading horizontally above the ground and the search begins with pressing and releasing "TUNE". 
Movements and monitoring the signals are the same as with the frame.

7.Indication of the presence of metal

Increasing the frequency of sound indication and increased reading of analog measuring system "SIGNAL" means that in the scope of the search coil is a metal object. By approaching the center of buried objects the sound frequency increases.

Above a certain level of a signal the system of metal type distinguish reacts to indicate the type of metal by briefly flashing LEDs - "Fe" or "n-Fe". 
After passing over the buried objects the frequency of the sound reduces. Experience can be defined "zone" signal and can determine approximately the depth and size of detected object

1. Upon initial setup of the system to eliminate the influence of soil multiturn potentiometer "GROUND" should be placed around the middle position - fifth turnover of initial (final) position.

2. "GROUND" can be rotated in a clockwise direction after the initial setup, which is greatly reduced soil influence and sensitivity to small metal objects, but the system indication of the type of metal has higher accuracy.

3.If at work setting the unit breaks (sound frequency indication changes randomly) without any metal in the area of your search antenna - press and release in a short time "TUNE" - one or more times to normalize the work. 

4.In the case of the power on/off it is possible short Flashing indicator "Low battery!", due to the charge (discharge) of high-value capacitors. 

5.If ”Low battery” indication remains lit during operation, this means that it is necessary to charge the battery. 

Metal detector Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro

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With every purchase of a metal detector ,worth more than 200EUR you get a German small and large shovel. Made of hardened steel, very strong!

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