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Makro RACER 2 with 2 coils Metal detector

Metal detector Makro RACER 2 with 2 coils
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Unlock Premium Treasure Hunting with the Makro RACER 2 Bundle – Advanced Technology & Bonus Accessories!

Step up your treasure hunting game with the Makro RACER 2 14 kHz metal detector bundle, a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly operation. This exclusive package is adorned with an array of premium features and bonus accessories, meticulously designed to augment your metal detecting ventures.

Inclusive Features:

  • Optimal Performance: Experience seamless operation with the RACER 2’s iSAT (Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold), Notch Filter, and customizable audio settings. Navigate through terrains with high mineralization and achieve unparalleled detection depths without compromising recovery speed.

  • Diverse Search Modes: Adapt to any environment with five distinct search modes. Whether you’re combing the beach, delving into deep grounds, or engaging in all-metal detection, RACER 2 is your reliable companion.

  • Complimentary Accessories: This bundle is enriched with a standard 11"x7" DD search coil, a bonus 15"x12" SEF search coil for enhanced depth and coverage, headphones for immersive detection, and free coil covers to safeguard your valuable equipment.

Key Specifications:

  • Operation: Utilizes VLF technology at 14 kHz frequency.
  • Customizable Audio: Adjust between 100 Hz and 700 Hz to tailor your audio feedback.
  • User Convenience: Features like pinpointing, frequency shift, and vibration ensure an intuitive and effective metal detecting experience.

The Package Includes:

  1. RC29V DD Search Coil & Cover: Optimal balance between depth and sensitivity.
  2. Detech 15x12" SEF Search Coil & Cover: Broaden your search with enhanced depth and coverage.
  3. Headphones: Immerse in the auditory cues of potential treasures beneath.
  4. Alkaline Batteries: Power up and embark on extended treasure hunting expeditions.
  5. Comprehensive Manual & Warranty: Navigate your RACER 2’s features with ease and confidence, backed by a 2-year warranty.

Embark on a rewarding journey where precision, depth, and technological innovation converge. The Makro RACER 2 bundle is not just a metal detector—it's your ticket to a world brimming with hidden treasures, waiting to be uncovered

Makro RACER 2 with 2 coils Metal detector

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With every purchase of a metal detector ,worth more than 200EUR you get a German small and large shovel. Made of hardened steel, very strong!

  • Model: Racer 2 SEF
  • Weight: 1.40kg
  • Location: Plovdiv
на 12 вноски по 113.39 лв.

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