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Book "Thracian Roads in the Maritsa Lowlands and the Rhodopes during Antiquity"

Map of Thracian Roads in the Maritsa Lowlands and the Rhodopes

Book "Thracian Roads in the Maritsa Lowlands and the Rhodopes during Antiquity" 

(In Bulgarian Language)

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The book "Thracian Roads in the Maritsa Lowlands and the Rhodopes during Antiquity" offers a unique insight into the ancient roads and archaeological finds in these regions. At the end of the first volume, in a special envelope, you will find ten maps created for the dissertation of scientific supervisor Prof. Alexander Fol. Each map shows the exact location of archaeological monuments, consistent with the administrative map of Bulgaria at a scale of 1:1000 000 (1 cm = 10 km).

Historical Significance of the Region

The lands along the Maritsa River and the Rhodopes have been inhabited since ancient times, with 11 Paleolithic sites and 294 prehistoric settlements discovered, as well as numerous individual finds up to the Bronze Age. Many of these sites have been studied and are protected by law, although they often lack fences and signs.

Opportunities for Curious Seekers

The book encourages curious seekers with registered tools (with receipts) to conduct surveys in suitable weather conditions. You can also copy and send parts of the text – road, settlement in the municipality, immovable archaeological sites – at an agreed price.

Details from the Book

The First Half of the First Millennium BC

From the region, we have collected and mapped:

  • 104 settlements
  • 43 burial mounds
  • 90 rock necropolises
  • 29 dolmens
  • 42 fortresses

Period from the 5th to 1st Century BC

Studied are:

  • 149 settlements
  • 130 burial mounds
  • 17 necropolises with flat graves
  • 83 fortresses

Period from the 1st to 5th Century AD

Known are:

  • 267 settlements
  • 75 fortresses
  • 83 burial mounds
  • 14 necropolises with flat graves

Inaccurately Dated Finds

Collected are:

  • 381 ancient settlements
  • 310 fortresses
  • 775 burial mounds
  • 49 necropolises with flat graves
  • 130 sanctuaries (places of worship)
  • 85 mining activity sites
  • 58 land plots with imported items discovered

Total Studied Sites

Over 4000 settlements, fortresses, necropolises, and coin finds have been mapped and recorded on cards. The settlement system outlines major centers such as Keyripara (village of Gospodinovtsi), Nicopolis ad Nestum, Batak Basin, Dospat, Ustovo Quarter (Smolyan), and the city of Kardzhali for the Rhodopes, and Pulpudeva, Bessapara, Kabile, Seuthopolis, and Uscudama for the Maritsa River basin.

Author: Bozhidar Chaparov /Archaeologist/

Book "Thracian Roads in the Maritsa Lowlands and the Rhodopes during Antiquity"

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