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Metal detector Detech DesertGold 3 - 14 kHz

Metal detector Detech DesertGold 3 - 14 kHz

This detector Detech DesertGold 3 is one of the deepest coin shooters out there. It has all advantages of analogue metal detector- deep with recovery speed, full sound information from the target ( unlike to signals coming out of the processor) .

The weight of electronics and batteries are positioned at the back of the rod, allowing excellent balancing with the search coil, i.e.  it does not tire the hand during prolonged searching. Detech DesertGold 3 has a beautiful box made of metal, protecting the electronics. Lightweight and ergonomic three-piece rod that fits in your backpack.

Detect signals in places you have been repeatedly with other metal detectors.

The device is equipped with necessary functions for professionals and beginners:

- manual and fixed ground balance

- additional reinforcement knob (depth)

- excellent discrimination with all metals mode 

- two interference minimization (EMI) operating frequencies

- change of tonality

Please, choose your search coil form the menu!

2 year warranty on electronics and search coil.

Quality from Detech!