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Minelab metal detectors

Minelab metal detectors

Minelab is an ISO 9001 Quality Endorsed Company.

 Minelab metal detectors

With manufacturing, distribution and customer service operations across Australia, Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Americas you are always safe in the knowledge that customer care is close at hand. Minelab’s worldwide network of Authorised Dealers are able to give you the most up-to-date knowledge in products and techniques that will help you to improve your success rate in the field. Minelab is an ISO 9001 Quality Endorsed Company. ISO 9001 is a worldwide quality standard certification that ensures continuous improvement is maintained in order to provide the highest level of product quality for our customers. 

In 2008 Minelab became a member of the dynamic Codan Group of Companies. Our parent company, Codan Limited, is an international leader in high frequency radio  markets with customers in over 150 countries. In 2009, Codan celebrated its commemorative year, marking 50 years of Codan communication equipment.

In 2015 Minelab opened in Dubai regional office to better meet the needs of artisanal small scale gold miners in Africa. 


Brand: DETECH Model: 12.5 detech minelab GPX
Detech 12.5 inch discriminating search coil  for Minelab GPX, GP and SD series detectorsFree search coil12.5” DD solid design coil this is a classic coil.  Very stable, no false signals, able to work in difficult soils and locate smaller nuggets as well as larger deeper GOLD with this coi..
Brand: DETECH Model: detech_15x12_sef
Detech S.E.F. 15x12 inch search coil for: Garrett Ace; Minelab E-trac, Explorer,Quattro,Safari, Sovereign; Fisher F2,F4,F5,F70,F75; Teknetics Alpha,Delta, Eurotek,G2,T2,Eurotek; White's DFX,M6,MXT,Prizm,Spectra V3,Spectra V3i, Coinmaster Pro, Treasure Master,Treasure Pro;XP Adventis 2,ADX150,ADX 250..
Brand: MINELAB Model: Go Find 20
Minelab GO-FIND 20Enjoy fun and adventure with the GO-FIND 20. It's the perfect metal detector for finding coins, jewelry and even treasure. It's awesome fun for the whole family!Pack a GO-FIND for your next trip, it’s awesome fun for everyone!"The new GO-FIND metal detector is so simple a 5 year ol..
Brand: MINELAB Model: E-Trac
Minelab E-TRAC metal detectorThe E-TRAC is an advanced detector incorporating Minelab's Full Band Spectrum (FBS) technology and SmartfindTM discrimination. It's sleek, sturdy design, innovative control panel, intuitive menus, clear LCD screen, robust lightweight coil and comprehensive targ..
Brand: MINELAB Model: Excalibur 2
Minelab Excalibur 2 - underwater metal detector with 8"or 10" search coilThe World’s Best Water Detector!Minelab’s unique Broad Band Spectrum (BBS) technology, combined with superior ground rejecting technology, makes the Excalibur II the ideal underwater machine. The design of the Minelab Excalibur..
Brand: MINELAB Model: Go Find 60
Minelab GO-FIND 60 metal detectorDescriptionMinelab GO-FIND 60 Metal Detector with Carry Bag & Black Baseball HatStep up to the power and performance of the GO-FIND 60. With precision control and maximum depth, you’ll be an expert in no time. Start searching for treasure today!Minelab GO-FIND 60..
Brand: MINELAB Model: Gold Monster 1000
Universal Gold DetectorThe GOLD MONSTER 1000 turns beginners into experts with fully automatic operation in an easy-to-use, high performance detector.The GOLD MONSTER 1000 features fully automatic operation and comes with a choice of coils, battery options and shaft configurations. If you're looking..
Brand: MINELAB Model: Safari
Hidden treasures are now within reach!The Safari is an easy to use mid-level coin & treasure detector with enhanced multi-frequency technology and discrimination. This detector is great for high performance treasure hunting.Powered by Minelab's Full Band Spectrum (FBS) multiple frequency technol..
Brand: MINELAB Model: vanquish 340
Minelab VANQUISH 340 metal detector + free electronics camo coversource: 340: perfect for anyone starting out in detecting. You don’t need more features. You need the right features. That’s why the VANQUISH 340 comes standard..
Brand: MINELAB Model: vanquish 440
OVERVIEW:VANQUISH 440: built for the detectorist looking to step up their game. Armed with Multi-IQ technology, waterproof V10 coil, and audio control, the 440 also features pinpoint mode. Perfect for those who demand precision. As simple as it is powerful, the VANQUISH 440’s compact and lightweight..
Brand: MINELAB Model: EQUINOX 600
Minelab EQUINOX 600 -  the all-terrain multi-purpose detector that obsoletes all single frequency VLF detectors.The EQUINOX Series has been designed for the serious coin & treasure enthusiast looking to upgrade to a high performance detector, without the high cost. It’s also suitable f..
Brand: MINELAB Model: Equinox 800
Minelab EQUINOX 800 -  the all-terrain multi-purpose detector that obsoletes all single frequency VLF detectors.The EQUINOX Series has been designed for the serious coin & treasure enthusiast looking to upgrade to a high performance detector, without the high cost. It’s also suitable f..
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