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Mini Shovel for Metal Detecting

Compact metal detecting mini shovel with holster

Mini Shovel for Metal Detecting: Your Essential Digging Companion

For enthusiasts of metal detecting, having the right tools is crucial. Introducing our compact mini shovel, the perfect ally for those exciting treasure hunting adventures.

Unmatched Durability & Design: Crafted with precision, our shovel boasts a robust construction that withstands the rigors of outdoor use. Whether you're at the beach, in the woods, or your backyard, trust this tool to be by your side, excavation after excavation.

Ergonomically Efficient: The shovel's design is not just about durability; it's about efficiency too. With a blade size of approximately 12 x 5.5 cm, it offers the perfect balance between size and digging capability. It's compact enough to fit in most bags yet effective in various terrains.

Easy Portability with Holster: Say goodbye to awkwardly juggling tools. Our mini shovel comes with a holster featuring a belt loop. Clip it to your belt, and you're ready to go, keeping your hands free for your metal detector or other essentials.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Total Length: Approximately 23 cm - designed for convenience without compromising on digging depth.
  • Package Size: Around 15 x 7 cm - ensuring your shovel is well-protected during shipping or storage.
  • Weight: A lightweight design at approximately 140 grams (with the box), making it easy to carry around during your metal detecting escapades.
Mini Shovel for Metal Detecting

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With every purchase of a metal detector ,worth more than 200EUR you get a German small and large shovel. Made of hardened steel, very strong!

  • Model: mini scoop
  • Weight: 0.14kg
  • Dimensions: 23.00cm x 12.00cm x 5.50cm
  • Location: Plovdiv