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Nugget Finder is an Australian search coils manufacturer. All search coils are hand made and are very highly valued in Australia and around the world. 

Well known as one of the deepest search coils made for Minelab SD,GP,GPX and GPZ series detectors. 

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Brand: NUGGET FINDER Model: 25 mono
Nugget finder 25" (63.5cm) Evolution Mono search coil for Minelab SD,GP and GPXNugget Finder's largest mono search coil in the EVO series. This coil is extremely suitable for searching  relics and large gold nuggets at extreme depth. When it comes to depth - this is the coil!!! The weight is on..
Brand: NUGGET FINDER Model: 25"dd
Search coil Nugget Finder X-Search 25 inch (63.5) DD The Nugget Finder X-Search 25″ DD coil offers fantastic depth on large gold, combined with huge ground coverage per sweep, even at full depth. Quiet operation in mineralized soils, with the ability to run Normal soil timings in most ground co..
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