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Nugget finder has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing gold detector coils in Australia for over 25 years. Since its inception in the early ‘90s, Nugget finder’s unwavering commitment has been to craft the highest quality, lightest, and most reliable gold detector coils available.

Almost every component that goes into a Nugget finder coil is meticulously crafted at their factory in the Victorian Goldfields city of Bendigo. Each coil is a masterpiece, handcrafted by a dedicated team of skilled artisans.

Nugget finder ensures that continual testing and development are at the forefront of its operations, ensuring every coil is perfectly attuned to the latest in gold detector technology. Located in some of the world’s most productive and highly mineralized goldfields, Nugget finder benefits from real-world testing environments that foster innovative design and unmatched performance.

Over the past quarter-century, Nugget finder has cemented its reputation within the prospecting community, heralded for the performance and reliability of its coils. The brand is synonymous with offering the best warranty and after-sales support in the industry.
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Nugget Finder 17" X 13" EVOLUTION Spoke Mono Search coil
Sold out
Product Description:Upgrade your Minelab SD/GP/GPX Metal Detector with the Evolution 17 x 13 Elliptical Mono Coil, a revolutionary accessory that takes your treasure-hunting experience to the next level. Discover the advantages that set this coil apart:Improved Depth and Sensitivity: Uncover hidden ..
Brand: NUGGET FINDER Model: 25 mono
Nugget finder 25" (63.5cm) Evolution Mono search coil for Minelab SD,GP and GPXNugget Finder's largest mono search coil in the EVO series. This coil is extremely suitable for searching  relics and large gold nuggets at extreme depth. When it comes to depth - this is the coil!!! The weight is on..
999.99лв 1,199.00лв
Brand: NUGGET FINDER Model: 25"DD X-Search Ultra Light
2024 Nugget Finder 25" DD Ultra Light vs. Nugget Finder X-Search 25 inch DD Coil: A Comparison for Minelab SD, GP, GPX Metal DetectorsWhen it comes to enhancing your metal detecting experience with Minelab SD, GP, GPX detectors, choosing the right search coil is crucial. Let's compare two outstandin..
999.99лв 1,199.99лв
Nugget Finder X-Search 25″ DD (Spiral) Search coil
Coming soon
Brand: NUGGET FINDER Model: 25"dd
Search coil Nugget Finder X-Search 25 inch (63.5) DD The Nugget Finder X-Search 25″ DD coil offers fantastic depth on large gold, combined with huge ground coverage per sweep, even at full depth. Quiet operation in mineralized soils, with the ability to run Normal soil timings in most ground co..
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