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Who is Oerad?

Oerad stands out as a distinguished Bulgarian brand renowned for its advanced ground penetrating radars. Originating from the legacy of its predecessor, Easyrad, Oerad encapsulates a rich history of innovation and technical prowess. Easyrad transitioned ownership to a Ukrainian dealer, evolving into a prominent manufacturer of the EASYRAD brand. Despite this transition, the core hardware and software elements that defined the excellence of the original Oerad remain integral to EASYRAD, preserving the quality and performance that users have come to trust.

Why Choose Oerad?

Esteemed for its mastery in the development of analog hardware in Bulgaria, Oerad excels in offering ground penetrating radars that combine affordability with high-quality electronic elements. These devices are easily portable yet reliable, making them a favorite among treasure hunters and archaeologists worldwide. Oerad’s offerings stand unmatched in terms of price and mobility.

Oerad's Commitment to Excellence

Every piece of equipment crafted by Oerad speaks volumes of quality, designed meticulously to meet the diverse needs of professionals and hobbyists alike. Their radars are recognized for their precision, making treasure and archaeological discoveries more efficient and successful.

Unveiling the World of Oerad

Explore the realm of Oerad ground penetrating radars and discover a blend of innovation and quality that amplifies the efficiency of your explorations and findings. Immerse yourself in a world where accuracy and reliability are at the forefront, guaranteeing an enhanced treasure hunting and archaeological excavation experience.

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GPR Pro  for  Mapping and Locating + 3D software GPR Pro  for  Mapping and Locating + 3D software
Free shipping
Brand: OERAD Model: scudo
Unearth the Unseen with OERAD's Ground Penetrating Radar: SCUDO 500 PRO - 2023 SeriesElevate your subterranean exploration with the new OERAD SCUDO 500 PRO (2023 Model), a groundbreaking Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) tailored to perfection. This state-of-the-art technology brings unparalleled insig..
Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) Oerad Scudo 500 8-bit Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) Oerad Scudo 500 8-bit
Free shipping
Brand: OERAD Model: scudo 500 8bit
Product Description: Oerad Scudo 500 GPR Ground Penetrating RadarAre you ready to uncover hidden treasures beneath the surface? Introducing the Oerad Scudo 500 Ground Penetrating Radar – your ultimate solution for non-invasive subsurface exploration. Whether you're an archaeologist, construction pro..
Pulsed Dipole Pro Ground Penetrating Radar + 3D Software Pulsed Dipole Pro Ground Penetrating Radar + 3D Software
Free shipping
Brand: OERAD Model: DIPOLO
DIPOLO PRO GPR With Three Sets of Antennasand3D softwareExtreme penetration depth GPRby OERAD(12.02.2023  version)Dipolo Oerad is suitable for outdoor search, as this radar is not shielded! When working in a forest, tunnel, or elsewhere, the images above the antenna will be displayed on the gra..
Brand: OERAD Model: tork gpr
TORK GPR 450MHz Ground Penetrating Radar .Works flawlessly. In good condition. The device belongs to our client, leasing for it is not possible. Without a tablet!What's included:1 Ground Penetrating Radar1 Charger2 Handles1 Tablet/Computer Cable1 Device ProtectorSoftware for Android..
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