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Pinpointer MI-6

Pinpointer MI-6 -Plovdiv
Pinpointer MI-6 -Plovdiv
Pinpointer MI-6 -Plovdiv
Pinpointer MI-6 -Plovdiv
Pinpointer MI-6 -Plovdiv
Pinpointer MI-6 -Plovdiv

Pinpointer MI-6

The MI-6 is the first pinpointer on the market to offer wireless connectivity to your XP DEUS II, DEUS or ORX detector.

“If you have the XP DEUS II, DEUS or ORX, then you should have the MI-6 pinpointer. This is the best detector & pinpointer combination available.”  - said Gary Blackwell

Wireless link between Pinpointer and your detector

Thanks to the wireless link between your MI-6 and your XP DEUS II, DEUS or ORX detector you can:

Adjust the sensitivity of your pinpointer from your detector's remote control

Hear the signals from your pinpointer in your headset

Locate your lost pinpointer, even if switched off

View the location chart on your remote control

Adjust the tone of your pinpointer

Check the settings of your pinponter on your remote control


Audio signal transmitted directly to the DEUS II, DEUS or ORX via wireless link

Interference suppression between MI-6 and XP DEUS or ORX

Water resistant to 6 meters

Rechargeable lithium polymer battery

Detection frequency: 12 kHz

Sensitivity: 3 levels (up to 50 if connected to DEUS or ORX) + retune

Led/vibrator/audio: ON/OFF

Audio mode: PULSE or PITCH

Holster, strap and charging cable included

Dimensions: W: 24 cm - D: 3.8 cm

Weight: 170 gr

T° of use: - 5°C to + 40°C

T° allowed under load: 0°C to + 35°C

2 years warranty

Made in France

Pinpointer MI-6

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With every purchase of a metal detector ,worth more than 200EUR you get a German small and large shovel. Made of hardened steel, very strong!

  • Model: mi6
  • Weight: 0.15kg
  • Location: Plovdiv
на 12 вноски по 34.45 лв.

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