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Prehistoric Plovdiv: A Historiographical Study

Book Prehistoric Plovdiv
Book Prehistoric Plovdiv
Book Prehistoric Plovdiv
Book Prehistoric Plovdiv
Book Prehistoric Plovdiv
Book Prehistoric Plovdiv
Book Prehistoric Plovdiv
Book Prehistoric Plovdiv

Author: Bozhidar Chaparov, Vlentina Chaparova

Book Description:

The book "Prehistoric Plovdiv: A Historiographical Study" is the first critical analysis of the published results of archaeological research in Plovdiv, achieved by specialists over more than 120 years. The main goal is to present the research documented, not retold and minimally explained by us. It is primarily aimed at specialists - historians and archaeologists, as well as those who have delved into the analysis of historiographical material for the periods under consideration.

Content and Goals:

  • The book presents objects studied by archaeologists, protected by law but without fences and signs.
  • Curious explorers with registered tools (receipts) can make inspections in good weather.
  • Author Bozhidar Chaparov, a Bulgarian archaeologist and specialist in historical geography, has attempted to show the true archaeology - the prehistory of Plovdiv.
  • It reveals the methodology and practices of research, often a function of political life and epochs.

Importance for the Reader:

  • Suitable for both specialists and those who want to feel the spirit of our ancestors and the grandeur of Plovdiv.
  • The book provides an opportunity for the reader to assess the development of research and understand true archaeology.

About the Author: Bozhidar Chaparov is a hereditary Plovdiv resident, having worked at the Historical Museum Asenovgrad, the Archaeological Museum Plovdiv, and on national programs "Rhodope" and "Strandzha - Sakara." A lecturer at Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski" and author of numerous significant archaeological discoveries and studies related to the culture of the Thracians. Founder of the archaeological club "Boris Dyakovich" and president of the Association of Bulgarian Guides and Archaeologists "Boris Dyakovich."

Conclusion: "Attempting to write the prehistory of our city is a challenge I do not undertake - such writings and analyses should be a collective effort," says Bozhidar Chaparov. This book is a valuable contribution for all who wish to understand and appreciate the true archaeology of Plovdiv.

Prehistoric Plovdiv: A Historiographical Study

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