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Detech S.E.F. 15x12 inch search coil

Detech S.E.F. 15x12 inch search coil

Detech S.E.F. 15x12 inch search coil for: Garrett Ace; Minelab E-trac, Explorer,Quattro,Safari, Sovereign; Fisher F2,F4,F5,F70,F75; Teknetics Alpha,Delta, Eurotek,G2,T2,Eurotek; White's DFX,M6,MXT,Prizm,Spectra V3,Spectra V3i, Coinmaster Pro, Treasure Master,Treasure Pro;XP Adventis 2,ADX150,ADX 250, GoldMaxx Power,Gmaxx II; Makro Racer 1 and 2; Tesoro Cibola, Cortes, DeLeon,Golden uMax,Lobo,Lobo Super Traq,Tejon,Vaquero

The 15 x 12" S.E.F coil is designed to go deeper and offer better all around performance when compared to the other "DD" coils on the market today. Better ground balancing, more stable operation, more accurate pinpointing and increased target identification are all benefits of this coil. Field Tests show this coil truly finds deeper targets.

2 years warranty

Detech S.E.F. 15x12 inch search coil

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  • Model: detech_15x12_sef
  • Weight: 0.72kg
  • Location: Plovdiv

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