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Brand: THRACIAN Model: 3d adapter xp
3D Printed Holder for XP Deus / ORX Remote Control - Precision and Protection in One DesignElevate your metal detecting experience with our 3D printed holder/clip/adapter, exclusively designed for the XP Deus / ORX remote control. Made with meticulous precision, this holder ensures your remote contr..
3D SEG-Y viewer software  for GPR radars 3D SEG-Y viewer software  for GPR radars
Sold out
Brand: THRACIAN Model: 3D SEG-Y viewer
3D SEG-Y Viewer: Elevate Your GPR Radar AnalysisIntroducing the 3D SEG-Y Viewer, the epitome of user-centric software tailored for the intricate reading of SEG-Y files. Transform your ground penetrating radar (GPR) data into detailed three-dimensional visualizations. Our cutting-edge capabilities al..
Demo/Used Thracian 18 kHz with wireless headphones
Out Of Stock
Brand: THRACIAN Model: Manual Ground 18 kHz
Excellent condition , with wireless headphones mod.106 and Detech 12x10"SEF5 years electronics warranty2 years warranty on search coil..
Headphones Thracian Wireless Solution
Out Of Stock
Brand: THRACIAN Model: Thracian Wireless Solution
2.4G Безжични Слушалки THRACIAN с Външен Предавател - Професионално Аудио Качество на Всяка Стъпка!Запознайте се с 2.4G Безжични Слушалки THRACIAN - вашите идеални спътници във всеки търсач на съкровища. С тях вашият аудио опит достига нови висини благодарение на качествения звук, надеждните батерии..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: bolt&nut Equinox
Minelab Equinox Series: Quality Replacement PartsWhen it comes to the Minelab Equinox 600 or 800, having durable and reliable components is crucial. Over time, these parts might wear out or get misplaced, which is where our product comes into play.Spare or Replacement Bolt and NutAre you looking for..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: eqx-11
Minelab Equinox 600 or 800 11" Coil Stiffener + Bolt and Nut: Strengthen Your Coil MountOur unique 3D Coil Stiffener with a bolt and nut kit is specially designed and produced by us to enhance your Minelab Equinox 600 or 800. This coil stiffener is the solution to preventing coil lug breakage by rei..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: equinox
Premium Synthetic Leather Protection for Minelab EquinoxPreserve the pristine condition of your Minelab Equinox 600 or 800 with our high-quality synthetic leather cover. Designed meticulously for avid metal detecting enthusiasts, it not only enhances the look but also extends the lifespan of your e..
Minelab Vanquish Camo Cover Minelab Vanquish Camo Cover
Out Of Stock
Brand: THRACIAN Model: camo vanquish
Minelab Vanquish Camo Cover for models 340,440 or 540Made from high quality rainproof camo fabric. Protects from scratches and rain. ..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: cover Simplex +
Premium Cover for Nokta Simplex+Elevate the protection of your Nokta Simplex+ with our luxury synthetic leather cover. Specially crafted for the dedicated metal detecting community, it doesn't just elevate aesthetics, but also enhances the durability of your equipment.Crystal Clear FrontDesigned wit..
Pinpointer Gold Hunter
Out Of Stock
Brand: THRACIAN Model: Gold Hunter
Gold Hunterprofessional pinpointerStop digging big holes. Find your located target easy. Very stable operation, easy to use, microprocessor controlled device.3 operating modes: alarm, vibrating & alarm with vibratingKey Features:- Proportional audible and vibrating alarms increase in intens..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: thracian_mg
Thracian Metal Detector - Manual Ground 13, 15, 18 or 22kHz: Enhanced Deep Detection with Free Coil ProtectorThe Thracian Manual Ground metal detector is renowned for its versatility. At its standard frequency of 13kHz, it dives deep for larger objects while pinpointing even the smallest targets wit..
Thracian MG Spider Pro Pack Metal detector
Sold out
Brand: THRACIAN Model: thracian_propack
Thracian Manual Ground Metal Detector with 3 Premium Search CoilsDiscover the power and precision of the Thracian metal detector, operating at a robust 13 kHz frequency. Whether you're scouring trashy areas filled with iron or exploring highly mineralized soils, this device ensures you won't miss ev..
Thracian Mineral Power  Metal detector Thracian Mineral Power  Metal detector
Sold out
Brand: THRACIAN Model: Mineral Power
**Thracian Mineral Power Metal Detector** Dive into a world of precise metal detection with the **Thracian Mineral Power Metal Detector**. This sophisticated device is specifically engineered for optimal performance in highly mineralized soils or terrains, where many other detectors falter. **..
Thracian Pinpointer Thracian Pinpointer
Out Of Stock
Brand: THRACIAN Model: Thracian pinpointer
Enhance Your Metal Detecting Experience with the Thracian Pinpointer – Your Swift and Accurate Target LocatorMaximize your treasure hunting with the Thracian Pinpointer, the ultimate tool for expedited target recovery. Our state-of-the-art metal detector pinpointer features:Rapid Static Detection: Q..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: war hunter
Thracian WAR HUNTER Metal Detector: Deep Detection for Relic EnthusiastsDiscover the power of precision with the Thracian WAR HUNTER Metal Detector, uniquely engineered for deep relic detection. Its innovative design empowers treasure hunters to unveil deeply buried treasures, making it a favorite a..
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