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Here we will find the whole gamma products made by Thracian  Metal Detectors.    

Brand: THRACIAN Model: thracian_mg
Metal detector Thracian Manual Ground 13, 15, 18 or 22kHzWith free coil protectorOriginal Thracian metal detector is a 13 kHz working machine. At this frequency the detector goes deeper with bigger objects and still detects very small targets. It's suitable for use in trashy area..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: Manual Ground 18 kHz
Excellent condition , with wireless headphones mod.106 and Detech 12x10"SEF5 years electronics warranty2 years warranty on search coil..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: thracian_propack
Thracian Manual Ground with 3 search coils: 7"DD; 9'Spider; 12'SpiderWith free coil protectorsThracian metal detector is a 13 kHz working machine. At this frequency the detector goes deeper with bigger objects and still detects very small targets. It's suitable for use in tr..
Pinpointer Gold Hunter
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Brand: THRACIAN Model: Gold Hunter
Gold Hunterprofessional pinpointerStop digging big holes. Find your located target easy. Very stable operation, easy to use, microprocessor controlled device.3 operating modes: alarm, vibrating & alarm with vibratingKey Features:- Proportional audible and vibrating alarms increase in intens..
Thracian Mineral Power PI detector Thracian Mineral Power PI detector
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Brand: THRACIAN Model: Mineral Power
Thracian Mineral PowerPulse Induction Metal DetectorThracian Mineral Power Metal Detector is specially developed to work in highly mineralized soils / terrains, where other metal detectors are ineffective. Thracian mineral power works in the principle of pulse induction. Available in sever..
Thracian Pinpointer Thracian Pinpointer
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Brand: THRACIAN Model: Thracian pinpointer
Thracian PinpointerFind targets faster. Static detection target recovery. Audible, vibrating alarms and led alarms increase in intensity based on target's proximity!Automatically adjusts...Microprocessor circuitry insures maximum sensitivity with no tuning necessary. Pinpointing Tip and 36..
Brand: THRACIAN Model: Thracian Wireless Solution
THRACIAN 2.4 G Wireless Headphones with External TransmitterLow latency - 0.06secThracian Wireless headphones 2.4G with high quality sound ( frequency responce 20~20,000Hz) ,long lasting batteries and low latency sound - 0.06 sec latencyPackage includes:- Wireless headphones- Wireless external ..
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