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About XP Metal Detectors

XP Metal Detectors is a French company known for designing and manufacturing high-class metal detectors. Established in 1998 and headquartered in Toulouse, France, the company has made significant strides in the industry.

Innovative Designs and Advanced Technologies

XP Metal Detectors is renowned for its innovative designs and advanced technologies. One notable feature is the incorporation of wireless technology in its products, setting the brand apart in the competitive market.

User-Friendly Metal Detectors

The company's metal detectors are praised for being lightweight and easy to use. Their user-friendly nature has made them popular among both professionals and hobbyists globally.

Global Presence

XP Metal Detectors boasts a global presence, with products widely used by professionals and amateurs alike. The brand is synonymous with quality, innovation, and reliability in metal detection.

A Wide Range of Accessories

In addition to metal detectors, XP offers a variety of accessories to enhance the detecting experience. These include search coils, headphones, and pinpointers, crafted with the same level of excellence.

Why Choose XP Metal Detectors?

XP stands out for its innovation, quality, and global reputation. Every product is a blend of sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that every user, from professional to hobbyist, has an unmatched metal detecting experience.

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Brand: XP Model: DEUS228FMFWS6
You can buy this product only if you are in Bulgaria!!!All the performance of the DEUS II, in its lightest and most compact configuration. Once the coil, WS6 module, headphones and pinpointer are paired, they communicate with each other wirelessly and without latency using the XP patented radio prot..
Brand: XP Model: mi4
Pinpointer/ metal detector MI-4The MI-4 is a traditional pin pointer, designed to be used by all detectorists at an attractive price, the MI-4 has the same specifications as the MI-6, without the DEUS / ORX radio connection.When operating, you can re-calibrate the pinpointer by briefly pressing the ..
Brand: XP Model: mi6
Pinpointer MI-6The MI-6 is the first pinpointer on the market to offer wireless connectivity to your XP DEUS II, DEUS or ORX detector.“If you have the XP DEUS II, DEUS or ORX, then you should have the MI-6 pinpointer. This is the best detector & pinpointer combination available.”  - said Ga..
USED Metal detector XP DEUS II - WS6 - Telescope - RC - 28cm coil
Sold out
Brand: XP Model: used d2
Brand: XP Model: DEUS228FMFRCWS6
You can buy this product only if you are in Bulgaria!!Key Features:1. Wireless Communication:The search coil, remote control, headphones, and pinpointer are all wirelessly connected, offering convenience and flexibility.Utilizes XP's patented radio protocol system for quick, latency-free communicati..
Brand: XP Model: DEUS2ws6wsa2
You can buy this product only if you are in Bulgaria!!! All the performance of the DEUS II, in its lightest and most compact configuration. As an addition to the set, you also get the WSAII wireless headphones. Thus, you can mount the WS6 on the stem - for visual identification, and through the W..
Brand: XP Model: wsa2
XP WSA II HeadphonesWireless headphones, fully rainproof, foldable, compact, lightweight, compatible with the DEUS II.The WSA II is a sophisticated wireless headset. Manufactured in France by XP especially for our detectors, it works with the DEUS II remote control or with the WS6 Master, i.e. when ..
Elevate Your Discovery with XP's DEUS II and XTREM HUNTER: The New Standard in Deep Seeking Metal DetectorsIn the ever-evolving landscape of metal detection technology, XP is proud to announce a groundbreaking advancement with the DEUS II and its latest enhancement, the XTREM HUNTER. This dynamic du..
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